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Goals and the Objective

With above understanding, KARRTABYA has set the Goal to help people form a society, where the community is socio-economically well of and Politically aware to create equal space for all its members to lead a life with dignity.

The main objectives to be achieved through direct intervention in the situation are:

  • Promote development of poor particularly of the tribal through proper mobilization of the community for adopting a self-sustaining and eco-friendly development strategy
  • Build up an institution base for training of tribal and other rural youth to develop efficiency and professionalism.
  • Attempt total human development and social change in tribal and rural area through building up local level people‚Äôs organizations.
  • Bring awareness among the ST and other unprivileged group such as SC small and marginal farmers, the landless and bounded labours to develop self-reliance and social justice.


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