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Sustainable agriculture development

KARRTABYA has got an opportunity to work with Syngenta Foundation on advance agronomic techniques among the local farmers. The project has begun since 1st April 2006 in Junagarh Block of Kalahandi district of state Orissa. During last 2 years in agricultural field KARRTABYA has done an effective and tried its best level of experience input for success of this programme. And due to that day by day project area and numbers of contact farmers is gradually increasing. Within this year we have did these activities for sustainability of agriculture.

Farmers Meeting & Workshop

During the current year KARRTABYA has conducting 7 nos. of farmers meeting on khariff crop, hybrid paddy, khariff vegetable crop, SRI method of paddy cultivation. A total of 250 farmers attended in the different meeting.


Village Farmers Group

Village farmers group are formed in this villages Kulihari, Bargaon, Koelgaonm, karlee of Junagarh block and Budelband  (Haramal) of Kalampur block.

Demonstration of Hybrid Paddy Seeds and vegetable crop

KARRTABYA demonstrated Hybrid paddy seeds and also vegetable seeds to compile the result.

Vegetable Seedling Distribution

During the cropping season inside the poly house KARRTABYA raised vegetable seedling of Cauliflower ,  Cabbage,  Tomato,  Brinjal,  Chilli, patatoes and Capsicum. It is distributed to 588 farmers of different villages of Junagarh, Dharmagarh, Kalampur, Jaipatna and Gopamunda block.

Development of Horticulture:

During the year of 2007-2008: KARRTABYA” raised the following seedling and distributed among the farmers as given below.

  1. PAPAYA- Variety Red Lady- raised 1010 seedling and distributed to 272 farmers.
  2. DRUMSTICK- PKM-1 raised 496 seedlings and distributed to 203 farmers.
  3. JACKFRUIT- Variety local- Raised 162 seedlings and distributed to 70 farmers.

Exposure Trip

On dated 27.11.2007 to 29.11.2007 a group of 16 farmers including Agricultura Project Coordinator got am opportunity to visit 3 wide range agriculture commercial farm near by Rajpur City of Chhatisgarh state. Group visited three different farms. All three farmers grown similar type vegetable cauliflower, Cabbage, Chilli, Capsicum, Yard beans and Brinjal is common. But besides this cultivated 90 acre of Papaya plantation impressed farmers very much another one impressible crop is Banana.  Farmers of our group who visited this entire farm are very much interested with their techniques and system of sowing and transplanting. Now few farmers are practicing all the methods which they experiences there in exposures trip.

Polly House

2 nos. of Polly house has been constructed near by KARRTABYA. During the rainy season poly houses protected seedling from heavy rain fall and protected from damage of seedling.


Through the guidance of KARRTABYA Mr. Laxman Naik of village Karlee who grown different kind of vegetable in his 2 acres of farm, in the year 2007 awarded with best farmer award in Dharmagarh Sub-division from Mr. Jagannath Mohanty. Sub-Collector of Dharmagarh 

KARRTABYA got the best stall award at Kalahandi Utsab, Dharmagarh.



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