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KARRTABYA was formed by a group of youths of Kalahandi, who were the members of the local youth club; involved in various organizational and developmental activities of the village. They believed that social transformation could be brought through dedicated work. Pursuing this, the youths worked single mindedly to build up strength within the people of the locality and mobilizing them to fight for social justice. This involvement gradually spread to other villages and became more comprehensive in nature. With the growth of understanding, their involvement became more matured and targeted towards various issues of the region. In due course this involvement, KARRTABYA was conceptualized and finally on the first day of 1990 the organisation took the form. The organisation obtained its legal status in 1992 under SRA. It was further registered under FCRA and 12 A & 80 G of Income Tax Act.

KARRTABYA concentrated its works in the interior pockets of Junagarh block initially. But gradually it spread to other villages of Dharmagarh and Koksara blocks of the district. From its inception KARRTABYA sincerely pursued to study the basic problems of the locality. It realized that the problems of the project region were not actually unique. But what was startling for the organisation was that in spite of the richness of resources, majority of the people in the region were reeling under poverty. Close interactions and uninterrupted works with the local people gradually made the things clear. The problem in the whole process of developmental intervention in Kalahandi was the lack of careful planning for proper utilization of the resources and manpower.



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