Sustainable livelihood programme

Since last couple of years KARRTABYA has been emphasizing on sustainable rural livelihood programme with increased entitlement rights. It has initiated this intervention in 5 forest & hilly track villages of Junagarh block with the active participation of the beneficiaries. The programme is supported by IGSSS. Attractive programmes have been chalked out with micro level planning. The programmes are made to create long-term impacts and designed in such a manner that it will sustain with people’s participation even after the completion of the project. For the maintenance enough capacity building steps have already been taken up with proper guidance by project staff.

Sensitization workshop for PRI & VDC members

A number of capacity building process of PRI members and village leaders are conducted with the selective active PRI members and villager at different pockets of the project area focusing on improvement on their knowledge and to create their interest for supportive role for the development of community as well as to lead the community people for demanding their rights at different levels.

A one-day Sensitization workshop for PRI & VDC members on land issue was organized on date 10.02.2006 to make awareness on land and livelihood programme. 22 members from adopted 5 villages are participated in this programme.

Refresher training for Bare foot Lawyers

We have created bare foot Lawyers and imparted capacity building training to the local youth for the solution of people’s problems relating the legal affairs. Accordingly the bare foot lawyers are helping the community like application for ROR correction, application for land less people, etc.

Refresher training for Live Stock Workers

A refresher-training programme for the Live Stock workers was conducted at KBSS, Bhawanipatna where workers from our operational area participated. Resource person from veterinary department given training to the worker. The workers are now effectively providing services in remote villages where service facilities are not available from Government Side.

Exposure visit of the Farmers

A two days exposure Programme was organized for the farmers to gain the experience and knowledge on cultivation. The programme was organized in the working field of Seba Bharati at Mundigarh of Phulbani District on 10 & 11 March 2006.

Creation of a Water Harvesting Tank

Two number of Tank has been dug in the village of Dainiguda & Beherakuni. Now these tanks are able to human bathing, drinking water of animal & supply water for 40-acre land. Fish farming has been done by the SHG in above tanks.




Plantation of Fruit bearing trees in homestead land

Like previous year Fruit bearing trees has been distributed for homestead land at Badtikraguda & Sankarpala, under Junagarh block during the reporting period. The farmers  actively participated in the programme and also extended labour contribution. The beneficiaries have also taken the responsibilities for its survival and protection. 500 plants have been supplied to the farmer in above 5 villages.