Vocational Training

Vocational Training to the NCLP Student

KARRTABYA has been organising vocational Training Programmes since the year 1996 for the students of NCLP schools. These programmes have made much impact on the students as well as the local community. It was so attractive for the community that some of the parents have sent their children to the training centres for continuation of the learning after the completion of their study. The students who have completed their training are now able to manage their families from the income of their craft.

Bamboo and wood Carving to dropout Youth

Since the year 1996, KARRTABYA has been started bamboo craft  training programme for the students of NCLP schools. Yet today it is continuing smoothly. It is not only binding among the regular school children of NCLP schools but the exstudents of NCLP, dropouts of other Govt schools those are showing their interest for this trade are included . The bamboo products are highly appreciated by the community as it has great utility in day to day uses. Besides that after getting training , the producers are earning more. We have some evident that a number of past trainers are able to main ten their family from the income out of bamboo products. The most remarkable thing is that the interested trainees are applying their skill and producing new attractive models, which created more market demand. As a result automatically self employment opportunities expanded for them with quality products which are economically viable and socially acceptable. In case of wooden craft we had thought & plan but not started. In the meanwhile KARRTABYA got an opportunity for the training to unemployed youth of Kalahandi on both bamboo craft and wooden craft trades in a formal way from FVTF, Baggalor which gave use a greater pleasure and created a larger scope for imparting training among the tribal, scheduled caste, other unprivileged & vulnerable families youth of Junagarh & Dharamagarh block area