Child Development Programme

KARRTABYA is affiliated with CCF – India on 7th day of November 2007 with keeping vision to “Promote an environment that will fulfill the needs and aspirations of poor needy and deprived children and enable them for full expression of their inherent abilities for constructive use and complete growth”. KARRTABYA-CCF Child Development project is working in 22 villages of 4 Gram Panchayats under Dharamgarh block of Kalahandi district in Orissa. Behera, Dhanarpur, Chanchnbahali & Tendapali are the 4 GPs where we are working very closely with 6201 children and 19710 People.

To develop the poor children, marginalized children, their families and communities we have taken the following activates within 5 months:

Selection of Children

It is basically deals with survey / collection of information of child. Filling 560 CIFs (Child Information Form) as per selection criteria of Christian Children Fund, like one child from one family, poorest to the poor family, child age in between 3-8 years, preference to girl child, preference given to physically and mentally abnormal children, single parent child, no parents child, Family income is less than 18000.00 per annum etc. and also taken same numbers of photographs of the children.

Conducting village meeting

22 village meeting conducted. This meeting was basically on introductory meeting about KARRTABYA, CCF and its child development programme and also criteria of child enrollment.  All villagers including Children, Women, PRI members, SHG leaders, AWWs and other villagers participated in the meeting.

Formation Children Club

20 numbers of children club are formed among children of 22 villages of 6-14 age group of children. A children club has a committee. These committees were formed through election procedure by the children. The committee consists of 7 to 13 members as per children population of the village.

Organize a Blood Donation Camp

Organize a Blood Donation Camp at Behera with the local youth club and Sambad Ama Odissa on 18th Dec 07. In this camp a total of 33 unit of blood collected out of them 9 unit blood was donated by staffs of KARRTABYA. All 33 unit of blood donated to Blood Bank of Government of Orissa.